-Why Republicans and Democrats Should Vote for Me-

Many Floridians are not aware that the Republicans and Democrats were once a single party. The situation we face with the current system tends to corrupt both parties. By empowering the Libertarian Party you can change the political landscape for the better.

Republicans, consider the bread and butter issues you cherish, your party leaders claim to be the party of small government and gun rights correct?

1) Small Government

The last time the GOP even PROPOSED a balanced federal budget was in 1994. I was still in high school then., I am now 40 years old. In October 2017, a 4 Trillion dollar monstrosity of a budget was proposed, with only ONE Republican who stood against it. Be honest with yourself, while the trillion dollar price tag of Obamacare is absurd, GW Bush signed a 500+ billion dollar Medicare bill, which is also socialized medicine. He also gave a 700+ billion dollar bailout to the bankers who ruined the housing market and construction industry for years afterward. Simple math says they are not living up to the principles they espouse.

The growth of government here in Florida, in recent decades,  happened predominantly in GOP controlled legislatures and governor’s mansions. You need me on the House floor advocating reductions in taxes and regulation. It will force them to either admit they are RINO’s, or allow me to pull them back right after a slow leftward movement. It happened slow, but zoom out. The GOP went from Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan to John McCain and Mitt Romney, who I would point out signed assault weapons bans and Romneycare in Massachusetts. He thought of Obamacare first and passed it! You will continue to see more Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham types until you empower a third party.

2) Gun Rights

My work in Tallahassee has shown me the GOP is paying mere lip service to the 2nd Amendment. I have pushed gun rights bills through both the Florida House and Senate, only to have a Republican kill the bill or change it later for the worse. It was Ellyn Bogdanoff in 2010, Miguel Portilla in 2016, and Anite Flores in 2017. The NRA is even going soft after the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.

In contrast, I have been working hard for the 2nd Amendment for years, and continue to fight for your inalienable right to keep and bear arms every session. I am part of the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee that delivered a unanimous resolution in support of open carry.  I pledge to call them out and force them to defend your firearm freedom.

I am a promoter of traditional values, I am pro-life, I defend the churches from the Cultural Marxist attacks. The reason I used that Ronald Reagan quote, “The very heart and soul of Conservatism is Libertarianism”, on the homepage of this site was purposeful. I am not asking you to embrace a new belief. I am asking you to be honest about the GOP abandonment of core principles, and to vote for me in order to help restore those same core values, expressed in the Bill of Rights.

A quick note on President Trump, do not forget the Republican Party tried to sabotage Donald Trump throughout most of his campaign. If you voted for him, it was against their wishes, and their leadership does not embrace the values you cherish when they are off camera. Most of you are Libertarians and don’t know it, forced by the current two party scheme into voting against Obama or against Hillary, rather than for a real advocate of limited government. A major goal of my life’s work is to change that paradigm. Your vote will be a major victory to that end.

Democrats, the DNC is conning you.

The Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill will do more for your urban constituency than anything they have to offer. The Democrat Party advocates white supremacy,  promoting the idea that certain races cannot compete without a handicap, calling it “Affirmative Action”.

On many Civil Rights issues the DNC is the problem, not the cure, and I have written about these issues extensively. I promote ending the drug war, because it does not work. While I will never promote taking money from one person an giving it to another, we have common ground in some very important areas, and breaking up the current monopoly helps everyone.

What the Republican Party did by sabotaging Trump was no different than what your own party did sabotaging Bernie Sanders. You were getting Hillary whether you liked it or not. Why continue to vote for a political class? How does keeping an oligarchy up help you? Are you pro-war? Obama increased wars and threatened new ones. What have they done for militarization of police in the cities? Are the crime and poverty issues the Democrats had 50 years to improve getting better? Are your government services something you are thrilled with?

Recognize they are bamboozling you and help me break the monopoly. We are the true party of equal rights and opportunity. We really do want to quit using the military as a police force. We can help accomplish some very important goals on common ground we share, and when you choose to be honest about how the Democrats will pay lip service but continue to perpetuate the same scam, you have nothing to lose – and everything to gain.

Vote Ramsey for House                       November 2018