Issues and Legislation


The general rule is that each Representative sponsors two bills per session. The first year of my term I will file the following:

1) The Restore Freedom Bill

This legislation will bring about an amazing paradigm shift for Florida, which is gradually becoming overregulated and swamped in unnecessary bureaucracy. It is a very simple law. It will require that for every new law passed in Tallahassee, two must be repealed. Each legislative session in the future, forever, will leave Floridians with more liberty. I hate the term “lawmaker”. I believe we need less laws, and that Floridians left free to innovate will create more peace and prosperity.

It will force a conversation about what we really need to dictate from Tallahassee and what may be better left to the cities and counties. We will begin marching back towards the America of the Bill of Rights, and away from an ever growing nanny state.

2) The Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill

This piece of legislation has been in the works since 2014, a team effort between the Florida Liberty Project, which I co-founded, and Jason’s mother, Patti Silliman. The keys to moving it through the legislature will be overcoming the bias of some in law enforcement who view it as hostile, and easing concerns over the cost of implementation.

To that end I have met with many Sheriffs and other leaders in the Law Enforcement community, and believe  the bill addresses their concerns. It will actually help them, as the New Jersey FOP realized. They opposed it, but after it passed and they saw dramatic reduction in frivolous brutality complaints and lawsuits, they changed course, and now support it. As to the fiscal concerns, a team of volunteers is collecting the evidence that shows the reduction in litigation expenses and lawsuit payouts will be a significant long term gain for the budget. Implementation will be spread out over 3 years to lessen its budget footprint.



Florida requires a balanced budget, and has no income tax. My job will be to reduce expenditures, to effect a reduction of taxes and fees that are used to fund government services. I always look for ways to eliminate costly programs, and reduce the burden of the state on the taxpayers of Florida.

Gun Rights

I am a 2nd Amendment purist. The right of citizens to own the means of protecting themselves from criminals and tyrannical government must always be superior to any other concern.

The Right to Life

I am pro-life. Infanticide is a blight on our society and rooted in racist eugenics programs designed by early 20th century leftists. Doctors pressured Brandi to abort Max, claiming he would have all manner of horrible medical conditions. She refused, and today he is a happy and healthy 8 year old in the gifted program. How can we champion liberty while denying the most basic right,  the right to live, to the most helpless and innocent among us?

The Death Penalty

I do not believe in the right to life for murders or those who commit sex crimes on minors under 12. We should make sexual battery on minors under 12 a capital offense.

I do not believe doctors should be involved in executions, and that lethal injection is cruel and unusual. We should employ firing squads, electrocution, or hanging to execute guilty prisoners after a fair trial.

For an article I wrote on the subject,  click here.

Law Enforcement

I believe the solution to many of the complaints about the conduct of police is to abolish every police department in Florida that has leadership appointed by other government officials. Law enforcement needs to be accountable and there must be regular elections for any law enforcement leadership such as Chief of Police.

The county sheriff is one of our most important elected officials and should form the front line of protecting citizens from abuse by the state or federal governments, I am a member of Sheriff Richard Macks “Freedom Coalition”, and would like to see every sheriff in Florida become a member of his organization, CSPOA.

I oppose private prisons, the introduction of the profit motive into the arena of incarceration is extremely dangerous to the public liberty.

The Drug War

Drugs ruin lives and families, and I have helped a number of friends and loved ones overcome addiction. The drug war is not the solution. Treating addicts like criminals perpetuates the cycle of addiction and the facts bear that out. The drug war has cost us over a trillion dollars and drug use has not gone down. In fact, drugs are, for the most part, cheaper and more pure than ever. What we have been doing is not working, and furthermore our civil liberties have been severely infringed upon.

The solution to drug addiction is treatment. I did not lock anyone in a cage to help them, I showed them love, and helped them discover what emotional pain or trauma they were trying to dull with drugs, and addressed it. We have proof of concept in other western countries. Decriminalization and a shift to treatment and harm reduction is proven to reduce drug use by 50%. Decriminalization is the anti-drug position. Those promoting the drug war are promoting drug abuse.

In addition, prohibition is at the root of all gun control, read my article on the subject by clicking here. It includes documentation to prove that the best way to reduce drug use is to end the drug war.

Click here for more of my thoughts on drug  policy.

Civil Rights

As a Libertarian, I am a huge advocate for the  Bill of Rights, in fact, I consider its restoration is my life’s work. I believe in equality of  opportunity, not enforcing equality of result with force. Equal rights for all, special rights for none. The individual is the smallest minority of all, and their rights are paramount.

I oppose the racial supremacist policy of “Affirmative Action” which states that some races are inferior and cannot compete without a handicap.

I oppose government marriage. A license implies the power to prohibit. The idea the government is in the business of granting licenses required to perform a religious ritual with the person you love is an affront to God and country.

I oppose all forms of censorship, and believe free speech is the most important right besides the right to keep and bear arms, which protects the others.


All functions of government should be handled at the closest level to the community as possible. One size does not fit all. Return power to the cities and counties where the people can have more control.


Competition is the means by which we increase quality and reduce cost. I support vouchers, charter schools, and any other means to foster alternatives to government schooling.

I oppose common core and all federal meddling with schools, and until the Department of Education is abolished at the federal level, I believe the State of Florida should adopt a policy of zero aid, submission, or cooperation with the them.

I oppose all Unions for government employees. The teacher’s unions are among the most dangerous organizations in the United States and responsible for a large part of the problems in education.

Until we can completely privatize education, we must do a thorough review of all textbooks used in Florida government education centers, and remove Cultural Marxist brainwashing and historical revisionism from them.


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