Campaign Derailed, Temporarily

Division of Elections Claims I Did Not Qualify Based on Clerical Error Friday, the evening of qualifying, just as the Florida Division of Elections closed, myself and an LP candidate in a neighboring district saw our status go to ¨Did Not Qualify”. We figured it was a computer thing, or they were waiting for our checks to clear. I contacted …

Ballot Box or Cartridge Box?

The traitors I am running to replace seem to have forgotten what the Second Amendment is all about. We reminded them today in Ocala, with hundreds marching while open carrying loaded AR-15’s, AK’s, and other rifles. Ballots or bullets, either way you lose dirtbags, and the outcome is entirely on you. Violating inalienable rights constitutes initiation of force. Your move.

Democrat Entry Illustrates Root Problems With 2 Party System

The choice is clear. My opponents offer you the choice of a big government Republican or a bigger government Democrat.

If you believe in the values this great nation was founded on, and the government should be reduced, then I am your only choice.

I do not want to take your guns, steal your money with more taxes, or add new regulations and fees to make your life harder.

I believe the government that governs least, governs best.

Make a statement this November and vote Ramsey.

Tar and Feathers For the Gun Grabbing Senate

Fighting old enemies, making new friends, and defending the freedom of Floridians in the state capitol once again. This time with a twist. By: Ryan Ramsey If there is one thing the Donald Trump Presidential campaign proved, it was that America was tired of minced words, polite discourse, and the smug look of business as usual in politics. When Trump …

Real Talk About Jeff Sessions, Cannabis, And The Bill Of Rights

Conservatives cannot support the drug war without betraying their most sacred values and becoming what we hate. It is time for a “come to Jesus” with my Republican friends.   There is a condition known as “Cognitive Dissonance“. To describe it in simple terms, it is “a psychological discomfort that is a consequence of a person performing an action that …

Libertarian Party of Florida Delivers on Election Day

The new leadership of the LPF faced its first real test November 7, and silenced the critics by electing 2 candidates, as  special elections loom, and our slate of candidates for the general election in 2018 is already the largest since 2001, a full year before. Tuesday November, 7, 2017, three candidates were elected in Florida. Congratulations to our newly …

The Rise of LPF Region 4

In less than 24 months a barren 9 county region is transformed into a Libertarian powerhouse. Join us in continuing to build on our success! In October 2015, the nine counties of LPF Region 4 had zero affiliates and no Regional Representative, due to the former Representative, Crystal Turner, moving out of Florida. The Alachua Affiliate was the last known …