Ryan Ramsey is a Father, US Navy Veteran, and Libertarian Party leader who has spent the bulk of his adult life fighting to preserve and restore the Bill of Rights, by fighting Socialism and the leftist agenda that is eroding all the values America holds dear.

He currently serves in his second term on the State Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida, as the Region 4 Representative. He is also the Chairman of the Bradford County LPF Affiliate. and founded the National Libertarian Veteran’s Caucus. He is an accomplished gun rights activist who founded Jacksonville Open Carry.

Since his first appearance in the Florida Senate in 2010, he has been a relentless champion of economic freedom and personal liberty in Tallahassee, and is now seeking your vote to continue his life’s work of making Florida free again, with a bold agenda of true reform, not the “RINO” business as usual that brought him to the true party of America, the Libertarian Party. He is one of the most accomplished organizers in party history, recently founding his third county affiliate in less than two years. His life has been one of action and results, in contrast to the mere lip service paid to concepts like duty and honor by modern politicians.

In addition to his activism he is a writer, musician and host of Global Dissident Voices, using the pen, song, and his show, to spread the long lost values of our founding fathers to the entire world.


  1. Good Luck Brother!

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