Campaign Derailed, Temporarily

Division of Elections Claims I Did Not Qualify Based on Clerical Error

Friday, the evening of qualifying, just as the Florida Division of Elections closed, myself and an LP candidate in a neighboring district saw our status go to ¨Did Not Qualify”.

We figured it was a computer thing, or they were waiting for our checks to clear.

I contacted them this morning. I got a late reply claiming I put ¨US¨ rather than ¨FL¨ on a form, thus I am disqualified.

Trying to make sense of this, I remembered that while in the office, they claimed an issue with my notarization, but offered to notarize fresh copies of some of the papers on site. I fear I may have been had.

I am appealing the decision and have asked for an appointment to see the originals, but if I had faith in this state government I would not be working so hard to change it.

In any case I know I persevered and kept this campaign going through the loss of my son, a motorcycle wreck that shattered my hand and cost me a couple fingers, and wrecking my car a few days prior to qualifying. I limped in with bruised ribs from the wreck after taking the stitches out of my face a couple days before, and thanks to the generosity of so many amazing people, handed them a check for the fee. They can never take that moment away from me, nor the moment captured in the cover photo of this article, taken over the weekend.

I have taken some time to reflect, and am focusing on the following:

I am still fielding candidates all over the region, from 4 county affiliates I founded. There were zero candidates in 2016, when we had just founded the first affiliate here in Bradford County. I will apply the extra time I will have to making their campaigns successful and push our movement forward in this region.

I am still pressing onward with the Jason Westcott Uniform Florida Body Camera Act, and will hopefully see it filed even before the next election.

The success of Operation First Step, and the fact that as of June 22, 2018, Florida became the state with the largest number of Libertarians holding elected office, are bigger than my individual setback. I am proud of my contribution to both efforts, and it eases the sting to see the success of my brothers and sisters in liberty.

I have taken the donate tab down, but I will leave the site and its content up, and I intend to mount a campaign for the same office in 2020. I will hopefully not face death and amputation prior to that race, and will be able to mount an even better campaign, and I will not be fooled twice.

I do not believe the state will keep the qualifying fee since I was not certified. The campaign had very few expenses so nearly all the donations are in the account still. I plan to refund the donors by check. If you prefer to have donations forwarded to the Libertarian Party of Florida to promote other efforts, I can legally do that, email me at

This is not defeat, this is a temporary setback. I have learned to deal with far greater setbacks and I will find the bright side of this situation, and use my usual political jiu-jitsu to make a gain out of it, continuing my merciless pressure on the forces of Marxism.

¨Exist to Resist¨

Apparently it is all the rage this year.

Imagine being an incumbent elected official and facing this, it can always be worse!



  1. So sorry to hear Ryan. I hope you win your appeal. The work and out comes you fight for are all so desperately needed for a free society. Thank you.

  2. Faith is

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    1. I think I will run for a state senate seat next go around. You can read my work at:

      Thank you for the support!

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