Father’s Day

Take a moment today, and consider the role of fathers throughout history. You will find new inspiration to be truly appreciative.

On fathers day, kids make dad handmade cards, and wives give them extra attention. Adults go visit their dad, perhaps take him out to eat. Those of us who live far away will at least call our dad and express our love and appreciation.

I want to take a moment to honor my father a little extra today, by honoring all the fathers before me, and hopefully inspire the rest of you to do the same.

A father is not a sperm donor. A father is a role that one undertakes. As the infection of post-modernism spreads through our society, it is becoming a role one must make a conscious choice to assume.

Those of you who made that choice to be the teacher, protector, and providor, deserve true honor.

A father teaches the mistakes of himself and his generation to his children. Each generation for centuries has had more to eat, and less to fear, from this pass down of wisdom.

When there is a strange noise in the darkness, when a hostile army is approaching, if a hungry beast approaches looking for prey, it is the father that puts himself between the women and children and the threat.

You will have to kill him first if you mean his family harm, and if he takes his role seriously, he will be well armed and trained. The task will be no easy job for the assailant.

When there is corruption spreading, he will fight the principalities and powers, because his children must live free.

When honor or property need defending he will rise to the challenge. If a man is not with his wife and children and need protection, he will defend them as well, knowing one day he may need the same courtesy.

He is the provider. He works and struggles and does without, so the family does not have to. He bears risk and pain every day, but those he makes the free will choice to do it for will never know it. His satisfaction comes from achievment, they are learning, they are safe, and their bellies are full.

The participation trophy was not designed by the modern leftist SJW seeking to provide self-esteem for the mediocre. Nature has given one to every human who ever walked the earth, and that participation trophy is called death.

How soon you recieved that trophy depended mostly on the quality of your father. If you are reading this, you are the last link in an unbroken chain that goes back to the dawn of humanity.

Fathers did their job, leading to another generation. In modern times we see what happens to communities when fathers fail in their role or refuse to assume it. In past times we would have seen slavery and scorched earth.

Does the chain end here? Do we become that weak link, which will be the cause of the chain breaking later?

When the countless fathers of history gave their lives up for their children, and they had children, and onward to the day we were given life, are we living lives that show appreciation for their sacrifices?

If we allow people to take away the freedom and economic self-sufficiency they fought and worked so hard for, we disgrace them.

If we do not take our role seriously, we do not deserve the sacrifices they made. We would become selfish parasites of the grand sum of all the love of all the fathers throughout history.

We would not deserve peace or liberty, and would not find it.

Happy fathers day to those who still know what fatherhood means and live it every day.

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