Legislative Update

After speaking with many constituents and examining pressing issues to the state of Florida I have identified 3 additional ideas for legislation to make Florida free again.

The federal government is out of control at this point in history. These measures are designed to assert the rights of Florida under the United States Constitution, and provides for recourse should the federal government continue to assert unlawful authority over Florida and its citizens.


1) Florida School Privatization Act

-Creates a 10 year program that reduces government school funding by a percentage each year and increases charter school and voucher funding by a corresponding percentage each year, so that by year 10 the state of Florida completely privatizes its school system.

-Includes selling off government school properties to private entities, and implicit rejection of the US Department of Education mandates – including “Common Core”.

Libertarian Party of Florida Platform:


We recognize the right to political secession. Exercise of this right, like the exercise of all other rights, does not remove legal and moral obligations not to violate the rights of others.


2) Florida State’s Rights Act.

-Bars state, county, and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal law enforcement in any investigation relating to the federal drug scheduling/drug war or firearms/weapons laws.

-Requires intervention by state officers against federal officers to defend citizens from any federal enforcement of laws relating to perversion of the Interstate Commerce Clause, which the act will list in detail, essentially the bulk of federal regulations which violate the 10th Amendment.

-Bars Florida National Guard participation in any military operation not an explicitly declared war, under proper Constitutional requirements.

-Requires all agencies  federal government operating in Florida to allow firearms carry on their grounds by citizens lawfully carrying, or provide means of checking them in upon entry or exit, including military installations.

-Authorizes the legislature to vote for Secession and call up the National Guard to defend Florida against any federal effort to oppose the act.


-Authorizes the legislature to vote to call up the Florida National Guard and issue Letters of Marquee to any Floridian to support the military defense of any state that Secedes from the United States citing a violation of the Bill of Rights by the federal government as the reason for secession.
3) Florida Constitutional Carry Act.

-Provides all Floridians unlimited right to own and carry firearms or weapons of their choice, open or concealed, with no permit or registration requirements.

-Nullifies all federal gun laws and authorizes mobilization of state officers and the national guard against any federal agency attempting to enforce a federal gun law.


-Provides automatic pardon for any Floridian using lethal force against any federal official attempting to enforce a federal gun law within the state of Florida, as well as requires state officers to arrest any federal agent attempting to apprehend a Floridian who is charged with a federal firearms violation or defending themselves with force against a federal agent seeking to enforce a federal firearms violation.

-Provides 10 year mandatory minimum sentence for any federal agent who attempts any enforcement action under a federal firearms law, bars protective custody for any federal agent convicted of violating the statute.


-Ejects all officers of the BATF from the state of Florida, and seizes all offices of the BATF within the state.


-Pardons all Floridians convicted of any federal firearms violation so they may purchase and carry firearms and ammunition once again within the state of Florida.


  1. I’m all for only Congress’ call for any war as the Constitution demands. I’m also for no registering our guns. But I do want something to protect us from mentally insane people having them. I don’t know the answer. What is it if you know?

    1. Carol the ability to bar mentally ill people from owning firearms is already the law. A judge hears evidence and decrees that you are mentally incompetent and the,,you cannot own or purchase firearms. I take no issue with that because there is due process.

      The Parkland shooter had 67 interactions with law enforcement as well as mental health care. Local and federal law enforcement did not do their job. They did not even try to initiate the process. Then they stood by like cowards as he slaughtered those kids.

      A SWAT team member from a neighboring jurisdiction intervened and now faces disciplinary action.

      The only hope those kids had was armed citizens, yet they are the ones losing rights in the aftermath.

      The incident proves we cannot rely on the police or laws. We must keep personal safety in the same category of other personal responsibilities like providing food and shelter for ourselves and our families.

    2. That process already exists. A judge can hear evidence and adjudicate someone mentally incompetent to own or purchase firearms. I take no issue with this because there is due process.

      The problem in Parkland was that local and federal law enforcement did,not bother to try, even after 67 encounters.

      The local deputies stood dow, while the kids got slaughtered, the, a SWAT officer from another jurisdiction intervened and now faces discipline.

      It proves we cannot rely on the state or its laws.

      Personal safety needs to be treated as a personal responsibility like feeding and housing ourselves and our families.

      They talk about mental health and gun control is just officials way of avoiding taking responsibility, and victim blaming.

      The problem was that these gun free zones make target rich environments. Teachers, contractors, and parents should have been allowed to carry. That coach could have shot him instead of giving his life.

      We should have a veterans program to bring them into the classroom and a bonus for teachers who concealed carry and we could have made it safer and saved 400 million dollars.

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