Democrat Entry Illustrates Root Problems With 2 Party System

The best ad for the Ramsey campaign might be my opponent’s own statements.

By: Ryan Ramsey

The race for Florida House of Representatives, District 19 just got a little more interesting, with a recent candidate filing of a Democrat, Paul Still. In an article about his entry to the race, the problem of the two party system is clearly stated as well as it could possibly be – in Mr. Still’s own words.

Still, a local elected Supervisor for the Bradford County Soil and Water Conservation Board, is motivated by a boondoggle that our opponent, Pork Barrel Payne, worked on in conjunction with fellow gun grabbing politician Senator Rob Bradley. The $42 million Black Creek Water Resource Development Project was one of many irresponsible spending issues supported or introduced by Payne, leading to his nickname “Pork barrel Payne”.

The punchline comes later in the article:

Still is not completely critical of Payne’s tenure in the Legislature, lauding him for being better at pushing for money for the region than his predecessor, Rep. Charles Van Zant.

Pork barrel spending undermines the local community by bribing special interests to secure votes. In fact, pork barrel earmarks were banned in the federal government, but exploitation of loopholes has seen it begin to rise again in DC. My opponents are so out of touch that the Democrat is praising the Republican for his wanton abuse of taxpayer dollars to secure his seat in Tallahassee! You can read more about the problem HERE.

As part of his tenure on the local Soil and Water board, he has also displayed extreme fiscal ignorance. Government is wasteful and inefficient. Privatizing government functions results in lower costs and higher quality, and has been employed by entities ranging from small towns to entire countries to reign in out of control spending. Despite that, he can be seen HERE advocating replacing short term private contractors with new government employees!

Still proceeds to ice the cake by complaining that the wasteful spending on this water project by Payne will make it harder for him to bring MORE wasteful spending for new water projects to District 19.

According to Still, the project will not help the lakes. Instead, it will also turn off the spigot for further funding of water projects, he said.

“The Legislature will say ‘Well, you had your shot,’” Still said.

My reply to Mr. Still is simple – we need to turn off a ton MORE spigots.

A quick look at the numbers found HERE, will make it clear both of these men are delusional at best.

  • The State of Florida spent $78,397,000,000.00 in 2016
  • This amounts to $3,803.00 a year spent for every single Floridian
  • At last count Florida is $33,315,277,000.00 in debt
  • This means each Floridian is already in debt $1,646.00 due to incompetent legislators

It does not take a financial genius to know that when you are already in debt $33,315,277,000.00, you should not be spending $78,397,000,000.00, like the Republican controlled legislature.

Only a Democrat could come along and suggest we spend more, and be upset that a previous policy makes it more difficult to increase future spending.

Government spending by the State of Florida is out of control, and my opponents provide you the option of voting for one of the worst offenders, Bobby “Pork Barrel” Payne (R), or Paul Still (D), who is running because he is upset that a particular pork barrel project of Payne’s will make it harder for him to create wasteful spending of his own.

The choice is clear. My opponents offer you the choice of a big government Republican or a bigger government Democrat.

If you believe in the values this great nation was founded on, and the government should be reduced, then I am your only choice.

I do not want to take your guns, steal your money with more taxes, or add new regulations and fees to make your life harder.

I believe the government that governs least, governs best.

Make a statement this November and vote Ramsey.

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