WWJD – A Good Friday Message

Reflecting on the life of Jesus on the day marking his death.

By: Ryan Ramsey
Today is known as “Good Friday”, when Christians around the world memorialize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who was executed by the state under pressure from the corrupt religious leaders he sought to reform.

Christians seek to become “Christ-Like”, and there is a colloquialism often seen that says “WWJD”, or “What Would Jesus Do”? It is often seen on clothing, stickers, bracelets, etc. It is a reminder to emulate the life of the man who offerred himself up as a living sacrifice for his people, and remembered on this day.
It is appropriate to take a moment to consider what kind of life he lead. What would he do if he lived in today’s time?
For starters, he would form a group of passionate rebels and misfits. Some former criminals, some former government employees. People who knew the evils of corrupt government and religion from all angles.
They would arm themselves with AR-15’s and open carry them. The apostles all carried swords on their hips. The sword was the main infantry weapon of the most powerful army of the day, the Roman army, which occupied the area he lived in.
This is no mere anecdote, he commanded it, saying “He who has no sword, sell his cloak and buy one. It was so important to carry a military grade weapon, it was worth selling the last piece of clothing you owned and being naked. Jesus was also called the “Prince of Peace”, and he knew peace only comes to mankind through universal arming of all humanity, and I don’t recall the verse where he set an age limit.
I have no doubt Jesus would be joining me in open carry demonstrations and defending the right to bear arms.
He spent his time with his heavily armed band of misfits travelling the country speaking out against the corrupt theocratic government known as the Sanhedrin, led by corrupt leaders known as Pharisees. His activism was a major part of bringing about man’s understanding of the evils of mixing church and state.
He also taught that it was not the law that made people good or bad, but that righteousness was inside of you.

It was an individual choice each person made between themselves and their creator to become a better person. Not only did the law not help this process, he taught it was harmful to it. His loud condemnation of unjust laws of the Pharisees led to his eventual torture and killing.

I have no doubt Jesus would be standing with me against the corrupt government of today.
He only used violence on one group, marking them as the most evil force in his society. That was the moneychangers. They had a fiat currency scheme and made their profits off of usury. He smashed their tables and used a whip to beat them while he cursed their wickedness.
I have no doubt Jesus would be standing with me today demanding an end to the Federal Reserve, and the theft it perpetrates with usury and the subsequent inflation.
Jesus did not condemn prostitutes and he made water into wine without paying any vice taxes.
I have no doubt he would stand with me today against laws that punish crimes with no victim.
In the end, Jesus was ambushed after being infiltrated by an informant named Judas. His friends used their military weapons to defend him, chopping a soldier’s ear off, but he demanded they stop.

He performed this final act of non-aggression, and allowed his body to be sacrificed for the love of his people.

He was mocked, cursed, accused of being insane, and hunted by the state in his time. He never wavered from his beliefs and even gave his life for them.
Today the government that persecuted him is gone. The halls Pharisee and Sanhedrin are rubble, mere tourist attractions.
Despite being misunderstood and tortured to death in his own day, the centuries that followed saw many of his ideals enshrined in documents like the Declaration of Arbroath and the Constitution of the United States.
On the day marking his ultimate sacrifice, let us all remember these principles of religious and personal liberty, economic freedom, ending usury, and universal armament that Jesus Christ fought so hard for during his life.
It is pretty hard to imagine Jesus being anything other than a Libertarian if he were on this earth today.
So as you reflect on your savior, and wonder what Jesus would do in your quest to become Christ-Like, consider going to the gun store today and buying an AR-15 and then go join the Libertarian Party.


  1. Great lie e Ryan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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