Fl Rep. Bobby Payne, Gun Grabber

Caving to pressure from the GOP, Florida Representative, Bobby “Pork Barrel Payne”, chooses his massive spending bills over the Second Amendment, and betrays his own core principles.

By: Ryan Ramsey

I spent the last 2 weeks in Tallahassee fighting for the Bill of Rights. I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and as the Senate betrayed its oath to the Constitution, I made waves in the capitol by delivering anti-gun Senators gifts of Tar and Feathers.

One stop was the office of my opponent for the House race in District 19. Bobby Payne was polite, his staff professional, and we sat down in the conference room for a long discussion about the Republican gun control bill, SB-7026.

I could tell he hadn’t read the bill, and he admitted he was under heavy pressure to vote yes from party bosses. As a “new guy” he seemed reluctant to make waves. He did explain he was an ardent supporter of the right to bear arms and I believed him. He even said he kept a gun in every room at his residence.

He was given detailed information about how the bill removes important 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

We talked about how unreasonable it was to deny inalienable 2nd Amendment rights to 18-21 year old’s of military draft age, and how this area is full of families who hunt together, and the bill will destroy a centuries long tradition of teenagers and young adults hunting.

This bill marks death of a time honored and wholesome family activity. It makes it a criminal offense to live off the land, or supplement low incomes with quality meat for those just starting their adult lives.

I explained to Representative Payne that the bill allows seizure of a roommate, spouse, or even visiting friends guns, for offenses they had nothing to do with, even minor infractions.

The Florida Legislature banned “bumper stocks”, as one House member repeatedly called them. They just made 3rd degree felons out of people for owning something they cannot even say the name of properly, let alone understand.

They appropriated a half-billion dollars for programs proven to be ineffective, although “Pork Barrel Payne” never met a spending bill he did not like. That was the one provision I knew he wouldn’t oppose.

As we stood up, I looked Bobby Payne in the eye and I told him, do not cave to pressure on the Bill of Rights. I said, “Bobby, there are things that are not up for debate, and that is where the line needs to be drawn, at our inalienable rights”.

As I looked at the whip report the next day, Payne was still in the yes column. I called his office and re-iterated what I had said the day before. I discovered the reason why. The bulk of his legislative agenda is big spending bills, that make the worst Democrat seem Conservative. An article in Politico detailed that the Republican Party of Florida was blackmailing House members to vote for gun control by threatening to block budget earmarks for anyone voting no. They wanted them to LITERALLY sell out.

On Wednesday, March 7, Representative Bobby Payne betrayed his own honor and his oath to the Constitution. When he said he supports the Second Amendment, I believed him. That is the crux of the problem. He voted against his beliefs in favor of budget earmarks for his pork barrel projects.

This election is now a referendum on whether or not the Constitution, gun rights, and fiscal responsibility are important to the residents of Bradford, Union, Putnam, and Clay counties.

I pledge to always defend gun rights and our Constitution, Bobby “Pork Barrel Payne” just proved he will not.

Vote Ryan Ramsey for Florida House, District 19 (LPF) in November. Demand honor.


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