Tar and Feathers For the Gun Grabbing Senate

Fighting old enemies, making new friends, and defending the freedom of Floridians in the state capitol once again. This time with a twist.

By: Ryan Ramsey

If there is one thing the Donald Trump Presidential campaign proved, it was that America was tired of minced words, polite discourse, and the smug look of business as usual in politics. When Trump launched zingers at Rosie O’Donnell and her self righteous B.S…..he was saying what we all were thinking, but never had the opportunity to say. This week, I told the Florida Senate what gun owners around the state wanted to tell them.

I have been a fixture in Tallahassee when gun rights needed to be advanced or defended since my first successful trip there in the 2010/11 session, where we ushered SB-234 through, despite late night sabotage by a Republican Senator named Bogdanov, who gutted the open carry provision. We still got a good bill for a freshman effort.

As the years went by, we had multiple successes in the House, but the GOP Senate had a steady crop of anti-gun Senators, a sort of Second Amendment herpes. SB-7026 is when the Senate came down with drug resistant Ebola, to continue the metaphor. Last week, after lobbying with Libertarian Party officers and activists from around Florida, I realized the Senate was going to shove this down our throats. I went home and made some ads that were shared around social media to raise awareness.

Frustrated by this total swing to the left, I was talking with former District 18 House Candidate and friend  of mine Ken Willey. He suggested in jest, all we had left was to tar and feather unrepentant Senators like Rob Bradley, who refused to leave his feels and remember his reason and his duty. The conversation turned to maybe creating an award.

As I arrived home,  Brandi was showing the kids a documentary on the Boston Tea Party. They wanted to help. They are 9, 10, and almost 12. All have shot AR-15’s. The lack of recoil and light weight make them perfect for teaching young shooters. So I told them about Ken’s idea, and they set about making the awards as I went to work the next day. I promised to deliver them to the Senators who would see them enslaved.

Unlike the Florida Senate, I keep my oaths. I live-streamed the delivery to the treacherous sponsor of SB-7026, Bill Galvano (R), on our Libertarian Party of Bradford County Facebook Page.

These turncoat officials have about as much respect for the 1st Amendment as the 2nd. Some cackling women at the rules chair’s office, who resembled Kyle’s mom from South Park, yelled insults at me, and I was soon escorted to the elevators, and asked to leave the office area.

For their part, the capitol security were very polite and professional. So were the capitol police, who had earlier inspected the awards thoroughly, to ensure they were non-toxic and safe. It was play slime not actual tar, which is flammable.

The following morning “The Capitolist” broke the story. Followed by Politico, the Tampa Bay Times, The Miami Herald, and the Sunshine State News went to press – with wild speculation. Of course, the twittersphere blew up. They blamed the NRA, forcing Marion Hammer to deny involvement. I did not see her, or speak to any NRA official, throughout the entire lobbying effort – for the record.

Then Florida Politics blamed a group called the “libertarian caucus”, that doesn’t exist. I finally agreed to give an exclusive interview to the Central Florida Post, to end the speculation, while in the House Gallery during the bill’s second reading.

As the House goes into the final reading in the morning and a likely vote, I have successfully exposed the GOP plot to put our Governor into Bill Nelson’s Senate seat on the backs of Florida gun owners. The deal with the devil is lead by Rick Scott, Bill Galvano, and Anitiere Flores, and aided by Rob Bradley, who sacrificed his soul for Ted Yoho’s seat, in a pathetic virtue signal of “concern for the victims”.

Sens. Jeff Brandes, Kathleen Passidomo, Keith Perry, Wilton Simpson, Kelli Stargel and Dana Young all must face the voters they betrayed in coming elections. Everyone will know they are the enemies of freedom.

The Wall Street Journal is now on the case. We are removing the head from the serpent.

I hope my opponent, Representative Bobby Payne, votes no. I met with him today. I think he shovels a lot of pork for the GOP, but we can have a friendly competition on these issues. Hopefully he isn’t going to lay his head in the guillotine for Skeletor, AKA Rick Scott, because every house member who votes for this will see their future aspirations destroyed, the way the coffin is already being nailed shut on Rick Scott’s Senate aspirations.

While I would appreciate his essentially handing me the seat with a yes vote, I would rather he vote no on sacred principle, and make me work for it.

Don’t fall on your sword for Skeletor Florida House. Or I will give you all even better awards in November. Eviction notices from your seats.


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