Announcement Speech Transcript

My name is Ryan Ramsey. There are 3 reasons I stand before you today.

One is a promise, one is an oath, and the last is a duty.

1) The promise.

I made a promise in 2014 to a grieving mother I would help her seek Justice for her son Jason Westcott. He was tragically killed by police in Tampa Florida during a SWAT raid, the warrant based on the lies of an informant. When I was unable to find a Republican or Democrat to sponsor the Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill, I looked for a Libertarian. Finding none elected, I joined the Libertarian Party of Florida, established the Bradford County Affiliate, and was elected to the State Executive Committee. Subsequently I organized the Alachua County Affiliate, and finding no suitable candidate I decided to run myself. I told Patti it would take time, but I promised to never give up. I am going to be elected to the Florida House of Representatives, I am going to sponsor the Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill, and I am going to stand next to the Governor with Patti when it is signed into law. I am going to keep my Promise.

2) The oath.

When I joined the United States Navy in 1995, I took an oath that would shape the rest of my life. I raised my right hand, and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I realized as the years went by that the enemies of the Constitution infested the halls of government, and in 2010 I met some other Floridians who believed the same thing. We decided the first order of business was to secure the right that protects all the others. In 2011 I joined these great Floridians in risking arrest to stage the first open carry fishing events around the state, establishing Jacksonville Open Carry. I first came to the Florida Senate that year, and helped to successfully push a groundbreaking piece of gun rights legislation that became law. Unfortunately a Republican gutted the open carry provision in 2011. The sabotage continued, last year Republican Senator Portilla, this year it is another Republican, by the name of Flores, fighting against our rights. I have all the love and respect in the world for the good Republicans who have helped us sponsor so many good bills relating to firearms, but the Libertarian Party of Florida is the only party in which the leadership unanimously supports the 2nd Amendment rights of Floridians. We will restore our right to not just keep arms, but also to bear them. The rest of the Constitution will also be defended. I am going to keep my oath.

3) Duty.

I have a duty to both my forebearers and my children. In April of 1320, a group of men in Scotland, for the first time in history, declared popular sovereignty. That people have the right to chose their own rulers, form their own states, and protect themselves with force when attacked. Among those who signed the Declaration of Arbroath, was William Ramsay. He was there at Bannockburn to make good on those words, and avenge William Wallace, as they fought for freedom, shedding their blood to establish libertarian principles for the first time on the planet. In 1997 the US Congress recognized the Declaration of Arbroath as the inspiration for the American Declaration of Independence. There again was a Ramsay. David Ramsay fought to secure the same rights here in America. He served as President of the Continental Congress during the absence of John Hancock. He was held as a prisoner of war by the British for a year in St. Augustine Florida. He later served terms in both the State House and Senate of South Carolina, and like myself he was also a writer. The duty to my forefathers is to carry on the work they started. To champion liberty in my time, without fear or reservation.

To our children we also have a duty. For the first time since the founding of this great nation, our children will have a lower quality of life than the generation before them. I have 2 daughters and a stepson, and am expecting my first son, who will arrive this August. I have decided to name him after the son of William Ramsay, who signed that founding document of freedom so long ago in Scotland. Alexander Ramsay continued the work of his father. Decades after the Battle at Bannockburn, he led a daring guerrilla campaign that finally freed his people. The final victory was the capture of Roxburgh Castle in 1342. They had laid siege to it many times, starting in 1313. Just as more than one Libertarian has tried to take a seat in the Florida House and failed, many before Alexander Ramsay had tried to take Roxburgh and failed. No doubt some thought his 1342 siege would also fail, no doubt some think the Libertarian Party will not occupy the District 19 seat in Florida House of Representatives in 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is MY Roxburgh. I will win, I will do what those before me did not, because I am a Ramsay. My son, Alexander, he will continue my work, and his sons afterwards. I will not let Florida be a worse place than it was when I came here. I will not see my children live with less opportunity or freedoms than I did. This is my duty.

I learned something in Sunday school as a boy, that I have carried with me throughout my life. This principle applies to anyone, of any faith. Do not be lukewarm, or you will be spit out. Be hot or cold. So, if you are a Republican or Democrat who wishes to uphold the founding principles of this nation, I will be your greatest ally. If you are a Republican or Democrat who wishes to impose the principles of Karl Marx on the citizens of Florida, I am your worst nightmare. No man truly loves good, that does not hate evil. I will be the champion of all Florida Libertarians. The South Florida RINO’s can call Adrian Wyllie if they want to know their fate. The Democrat plantation is going to be scorched. Let it be known that any who see the error of their ways will find me a believer in the power of redemption. Repent. Reject both literal and Cultural Marxism, and you will be forgiven.

The people of Florida are wonderful. The people of District 19 are the literal heart of this great State. I moved to Bradford County in 2003 because it was the most beautiful place I had found, with the most wonderful people I had met. Growing up in Los Angeles, being assaulted by illegal immigrants for my skin color, I dreamed of one day living in a small southern town, where I could shoot my guns and play my guitar as loud as I want. Where nobody would attack me for wearing an American or Confederate flag to honor my forefathers. Every dream I ever had, has come true in District 19. I am dedicated to making sure that dream is there for others, and for my progeny.

To keep that dream alive, we have to reduce the endless taxation and regulation that creeps like a plague across Florida, little by little, year after year. We have to turn the tide somehow. To that end, I will be introducing a bill in my first term that will require that 2 laws be repealed, to pass any new law in Florida. In this manner we can turn the ship of state back towards calm waters. People must be free to chase their dreams without excessive taxation or regulation. Each generation of Floridian deserves a little more opportunity, a little more freedom. That is the goal of this campaign, and the next dream I will fulfill in this state I love so much. I want a legacy of defeating the beast thought invincible. I will see the Libertarian Party of Florida occupy its rightful place with 30% of the seats in the State House and Senate, which is the number of Floridians who share our vision of economic and personal liberty.

The Marxist sympathizers infesting Tallahassee are nothing compared to the British under Edward II at Bannockburn, or the Redcoats under Cornwallis. They sit in their offices, in smug arrogance, not realizing their days are over, as surely as winter left with Monday’s Equinox. I will keep my promise to Patti. I will keep my oath to the Constitution. I will fulfill my sacred duty to my forefathers, as well as my children. The next step will be my election in 2018 to The Florida House of Representatives.

Justice for Jason! Liberty or Death! Sic Semper Tyrannus!


  1. What happened to Jason Westcott is an absolute TRAVESTY, a travesty for his mother & all family members who are left behind! All I know is that the Tampa PD are responsible for his death!!
    We need JUSTICE FOR JASON so that others don’t die like he did …he did absolutely NOTHING to deserve to be executed!!

  2. You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

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